All our packages include:

  • Time Face to Face with one of our expert consultants to Plan, Design & Build your website
  • Expert assistance in writing great content that will help set you apart from the competition
  • User friendly interfaces that are quick and easy to learn so updating your site is a breeze
  • Search engine friendly design and construction to help you get all the attention you deserve
  • One on One training with you and / or one of your staff
  • Straight forward documentation to help you keep your site fresh and up to date
  • Ability to upgrade or add on extra features at any time
All our packages include a low upfront payment, and small monthly instalments over 2 years
Limited Time Offer
All packages include two years of high speed email and web hosting, valued at $720!


Standard Website Package

Our standard package includes:

  • Development of custom website, incorporating your existing logos and corporate colours
  • Eye catching front page banners to help customer navigate your site
  • Interactive pop up map of your location / street address
  • Site or Business News section to keep the site ‘fresh’ and relevant
  • Contact details to get new customers in touch with you
  • Contact Us Form (with spam protection) for those who don’t like to phone
  • Online Quote Form (with spam protection) where customers can upload photos or other documents, and have them sent to your inbox
  • Easy to navigate drop-down menus

  • Your choice of web pages such as:
    • Repairs
    • Detailing
    • Choosing Insurance
    • Choosing your repairer
    • About Us
    • Others of your choice

  • Rotating banners of one of:
    • Community ties
    • Sponsorships
    • Memberships
    • Affiliations
    • Others of your choice

Package Cost: $500 up front, then just $125/mth for 24 months


Premium Website Package

Designed for businesses that are planning other marketing activity and who want to capture more of the people who visit their website as loyal customers. In addition to the standard features, the premium package includes:

  • Additional version of your site optimised for laptops, tablets and mobile devices
    • Choose the most appropriate information for mobile devices, so customers on the go can get the information they need, and get in touch
    • Particularly relevant for younger markets, and anyone who is looking online at the site of an accident
    • Avoids the frustration of tiny writing and small buttons you can’t press when using a tablet or smart phone
  • Add a FAQ to ensure your site is informative and relevant to customers.
    • A well constructed FAQ page can not only save you time answering simple questions, but can ensure customers feel more informed before calling you.
    • Research shows many people won’t call to ask a “silly question” (because they’ll feel silly), even if they need it answered in order to buy from you. Being able to answer these questions without the customer feeling embarrassed helps remove obstacles from your sales.
  • Add Testimonials from past customers to give potential new customers confidence that people just like them recommend your business.
    • Along with expert opinions where relevant, consumers like to hear about experiences from other ordinary members of the public – just like themselves.
    • This is a great way to give new customers more confidence you are the right choice for them.
  • Add a Gallery of images to show off your finest work.
    • Customers can browse a screen of thumbnail (small) images an zoom in on those that interest them, or see them all in a navigable slideshow.
Package Cost: $700 up front, then just $170/mth for 24 months


Deluxe Website Package

Designed for larger businesses who want to communicate with fleet managers and more sophisticated customers; in addition to the Premium features, the Deluxe package includes:

  • Dynamic banners with greater flexibility from a marketing and communication perspective that will set you apart from your competition
    • Create stronger messages through animation and timed events to make your site an even more compelling experience, and even easier to navigate
    • Drive your customers to the pages that are most relevant to them; helping them get the information they want quickly reduces lost customers
  • Add a blog to keep your site’s content up to date and relevant to returning customers.
    • Blogs can help with search engine rankings, by attracting more activity on your site.
    • Keep loyal customers up to date with industry happening, business activity and other interesting tidbits that will keep them coming back
  • Ability to manage mailing lists and send newsletters to your customers
    • Communicate specials, changes and other relevant information to your customers cheaply and in a colourful and entertaining way
    • Track who opens the emails and who doesn’t to help target specific customers for follow ups and other communications
    • Remain compliant with anti spam laws by tracking “un-subscribe” messages
Package Cost: $900 up front, then just $215/mth for 24 months