Why do you have two year contracts rather than a single fee?

There’s a number of reasons:

  1. Your website generally isn’t going to pay for itself in a month, its an investment that pays off over time, so why wouldn’t you want to also pay it off over time?
  2. We can provide upgrades and enhancements more easily if we can host your site, and lock down some features.
  3. We hope you’ll be so impressed with our service that you’d like to stick with us after the two years – this way we can build a real relationship. We hope you’d be keen to take out another contract and continue to upgrade and update your website.

I want to buy my website outright, not on contract.

We prefer to host your site so we can get access to it should the need arise, however we are more than happy to create websites on your hosts equipment. Please not4e however that we won’t include some of the Web Works proprietary content on equipment we cannot secure.

What happens at the end of my contact?

The contracts are designed to run for two years, during which time technology, the internet and your business will have all moved on. It should be an appropriate time for you to consider an revamp or facelift for your site, however ongoing hosting of your existing site can be arranged for a competitive fee, or again for a reasonable fee you can have a version of your site made available for hosting elsewhere. [Please note this version will have had Web Works exclusive material removed, though will be fully functional].